Ashley Boo – Facebook Interactive Campaign

Introducing the new and resurrected Ashley Boo, a new and innovative interactive campaign on Facebook. Just write what you want to do with Ashley and her profile comes to life, responding to your requests in a totally fun and exciting way. The entire campaign was created in-house by the Rounds team. You can see the list of credits below. It was created in order to promote our Facebook application, Video Chat Rounds, which allows you to do stuff together with friends and new people via video chat. The campaign was originally inspired by Tipp-Ex’s Hunter Shoots a Bear, but this is the first of its kind on Facebook. The reason we used Facebook is because we wanted to promote our application in a new and innovative way and show people what our brand is all about. The application is created in Flash and for the first few seconds mimics a real persons Facebook profile. It’s only after the user enters a keyword or phrase that it becomes much more than just a static image and basically comes to life. Credits:Concept: Yogev Shelly / Martin Luber Producers: Martin Luber / Natasha Shine / Ilan Leibovich Director: Martin Luber Director of Photography: Gregory Dean Hall Post Production: Martin Luber / Gregory Dean Hall Programmers: Oleg Sivokon / Nitzan Tomer / Sergey Kagansky Actors: Maya Volberg Natasha Shine Farida Chamailova Liz Ekshtat Nitzan Tomer Eli Atlas Leore Kamen Martin Luber Gregory Dean Hall

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