BulletinTV – Broadcast The Web (Design)

UI and Branding design for BulletinTV Application and Web Presence

Concept Movie (English)

Concept Movie (Hebrew)

BulletinTV – Broadcast The Web (Movies)

BulletinTv is an application that turns any screen into a live interactive social media bulletin board. The application is designed to display web social networks like Facebook, Twitter, or any other, as a TV bulletin and guide the viewer through the feed as if it was a slide show. BulletinTv can be used privately or as the “next gen” digital signage. It is simple to use, cost effective and agile. In 3 years time this will be the only way people would enjoy social networks on a big screen environment.

Sta®tup Sketch – Ideas Blog

This blog is a way to unleash creativity and share ideas with the world. Leave all your fears at the door and just share what you're thinking of and see what happens. Go to Sta®tup Sketch

Basad – Jewish Firefox Extension to add בס”ד to web pages.

Adds the Hebrew initials בס'ד (Basad) to every webpage! Bs'd stands for :besiata dishmaya = with heavens help, widely spread among Jewish people and written on the top right corner of every day texts. Soon - hebrew date , prayer times and more... Get it here! Basad is homemade (27dv) project by: Yogev Shelly and Nitzan Tomer

//aSnippet – Share what u code

discover and develop with" //aSnippet enables you to keep all of your frequently used code snippets (As3, As2, Js, PHP, HTML, MXML…) in one place that’s accessible from any computer. You can share your code with other visitors and use what they post, too. Directly from inside Adobe Flash or the Desktop AIR Application This is a public project created by Gadi serbnik and Yogev Shelly. Visit the site Visit the blog

Click anywhere and use the arrow keys


Alternative OSD keyboard

UI experiment for creating an on screen display keboard for telvision or any remote control Typing

Get Soccer Ball Bounce 2010 here!

Soccer Ball Bounce 2010 (AKA worldcup 2010 soccer app) – iPhone app

Be a champion! -------------------- Dribble the ball as many times as you can... with every hit the ball will move move faster and further across the field.
The entire practice takes place in a 2010 world cup stadium. The Game simulate a reality environment and based on real world physics.
How to play? ----------------- Place your finger on the soccer player and drag him across the screen were ever the ball goes to.
One rule: ---------- Every time you hit the ball, you get one point and your hitting power increase and so the ball will move faster with every hit!! Ready??? goooooooooooooooooooooooo!
Get it here!

Get it here –

youFeel – iPhone App

Find out how do you really feel! Some days we are not sure how do we feel or need someone to reassure us if we are :) or :( or something we didn't even think about. Let this Sensitive app tell you how do you feel... by shacking it. Get youFeel here!

Media Navigation For Interactive Television

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